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Now, it's not often that a toy, even a whizz bang educational type, can teach children in as many different ways as an electric ride-on car.  I know, I know, you're thinking "Excuse me, weird person, it's just a toy" but in fact, there's many different learning opportunities arising from the one toy!  Just think - here in the one toy is balance, gross motor skills and coordination as well as having the provision to learn road rules and road safety!  You can actually purchase various moulded plastic replica road signs to use in conjunction with your electric ride-on cars to have the full motoring experience! 


And what an experience it is! When you consider some of the features of your electric ride on car can include speeds of up to six kilometres per hour and a load capacity of up to forty kilograms! This means a child of up to twelve years of age can use the electric ride-on car, or two smaller children if seating allows it, can use the vehicle with no negative impact on its performance. The motor of an electric ride-on car is eighteen watts and carries a rechargable battery of six volts. Charging time and running times will vary between models so make sure you read your instructions. The average weight of the electric ride-on car is twenty to twenty-five kilograms which makes it reasonably easy to move around when not in use. 


And the attention to detail on some of these models of electric ride-on cars is more than extraordinary! With real working lights, indicators, horns and a multitude of other sound effects and some even have opening bonnets and boots to make the toy almost as functional as Mum or Dad's ( or maybe, in some cases, more so!) There's such a huge variety of model choices in electric ride-on cars, as well, including sports cars, jeeps, utilities, off road vehicles, fire engines, police cars, ambulances, tractors and trains. And fans of licenced characters such as, Disneys Cars, Barbie, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Hot Wheels, Thomas the Tank Engine and the Wiggles don't miss out either, with many related vehicles available in motorized cars for kids


Modern car manufacturers have also picked up on this growing market with established trademark names such as John Deere, Mustang, Ford, Holden and Jeep all marketing an electric ride-on car for this age group.